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Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Our unique mobile scavenger hunt app is specially designed by professionals to help you improve your team bonding skills without any failure. This app will give you specific tasks that you and your team need to do together in order to finish the scavenger hunt. It will provide you with though riddles and fun challenges that are scattered all over the city. To solve those riddles and complete those challenges you will need the help of your entire team. That is the whole idea behind our app, to challenge your team to work together in order to finish the hunt.

Employee Fun

If you are looking for a way to engage your employees and improve their working qualities then our specially designed app is the right choice for you. Believe it or not, it is very common to have employees that are bored at their work and when they get bored, they tend to work much slower and less productive. This happens because you don’t provide them with enough fun activities. They are just regular people that want to have some fun from time to time and not just to think about work all day. Our app will provide you with a lot of fun activities that will engage your employees.
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Team Building

Building the perfect team can be hard and stressful. The most common problem that accrues when you are building a team to work together on a project is that they are not working well together. At least not good as you have might be expected. There is no need to worry or even replace people, there is a very simple solution to that problem. You only need to bring closer your team and you can achieve that by engaging them in fun outside work fun activities. Our app is designed to do exactly that after you and your team finish the event, you will immediately see an improvement in their communication and attitude.


If you ever wondered how our app works now you will find out, it’s quite simple and you don’t need to do a lot of work. The whole idea behind this app is to have someone organize fun activities for you and your employees or team members, without you having to do the work on your own. First of all, you will need to fill up a request form that will give us inside information about you and your team. After that, we will contact you and immediately start to plan out the best event of your life.

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    “I was very happy how the event turned out and my employees are more positive than ever. I could not ask for better.”

    Joel Murphy
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    “The scavenger hunt was so detailed and well planned, they are really professionals who know how to do their work properly.”

    Frederick Price
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    “My team and I had a great time during the scavenger hunt. We are looking forward to working again with walking-works.”

    Eddie Flores
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    “I would highly recommend the scavenger hunt to everyone that wants to improve their team communication and positivity.”

    Randall Patterson